Been There, Done That

“His fight [...] saw mobs break up his meetings with stink bombs and his banners ripped down. He finally could not rent a hall. His friends deserted him. Police raided his office and his home. The [...] censor banned some of his writings. He was flooded with hate mail. The government finally jailed him [...].” … Continue reading Been There, Done That

S.O.D. #9: Kurz’scher Prozess mit Haiders Erbe

Nach dem Ministerrat am 27 März 2019 kündigte Bundeskanzler Sebastian Kurz an, die Demokratie in Österreich auflösen zu wollen. Er hat zwar statt „Demokratie“ die Worte „Identitäre Bewegung“ verwendet; die Bedeutung ist aber dieselbe. Weil ohne freie politische Bewegung kann es keine Demokratie geben. Egal um welche Art von Extremismus es gehe, Islamismus oder rechtsextreme … Continue reading S.O.D. #9: Kurz’scher Prozess mit Haiders Erbe

S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News

In a childish and ill-informed statement on the eve of the German general elections, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s minister for foreign affairs, displays his total inadequacy not only intellectually and scholarly, but also professionally.  In the elections, the somewhat conservative party Alternative für Deutschland or AfD, which has risen to fill the void left on the … Continue reading S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News