The United Nations, which I guess started out as an organization to help co-operation between sovereign nations, is now quite openly a Communist Agitprop institution. 2020: United Nations Communist Propaganda at Franz Josef Strauß International Airport , Munich

Vad är en nation?

Ernest Renan 11 mars 1882 Originalets titel: Qu’est-ce qu’une nation? Översättning av Fredrik Östman Med understöd från Ethan Rundells engelska översättning Jag avser att tillsammans med er analysera en idé som, fast den förefaller att vara tydlig, kan leda till  missförstånd av de farligaste slag. Det mänskliga samhället tar sig de mest skiftande former. De … Continue reading Vad är en nation?

S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News

In a childish and ill-informed statement on the eve of the German general elections, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s minister for foreign affairs, displays his total inadequacy not only intellectually and scholarly, but also professionally.  In the elections, the somewhat conservative party Alternative für Deutschland or AfD, which has risen to fill the void left on the … Continue reading S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News

S.O.D. #6: Martin Schulz, King of America

In an affected statement to Reuters, a news agency, the socialist candidate to the office of Chancellor of Germany, Martin Schulz, calls a policy of the democratically elected president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, “un-American”. Implementing a policy explicitly willed by the people is, according to Schulz, not in line with … Continue reading S.O.D. #6: Martin Schulz, King of America