Creeping Corruption and the Rule of Law

If I drive my car on a road anywhere in the world, and I see a traffic sign ahead signalling a speed limit, I know that from the location of that traffic sign, the speed limit it displays is valid. It is my responsibility as a driver timely to adjust my speed. If my current … Continue reading Creeping Corruption and the Rule of Law


Ett Europa vi kan tro på (och i) Översättning av Fredrik Östman Del II, avsnitt 5 – 12 Del III, avsnitt 13 – 23 Del IV, avsnitt 24 – 33 Del V, avsnitt 34 – 36 1. Europa tillhör oss, och vi tillhör Europa. Dessa länder är vårt hem; vi har inget annat. Det överstiger … Continue reading PARIS-DEKLARATIONEN

S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News

In a childish and ill-informed statement on the eve of the German general elections, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s minister for foreign affairs, displays his total inadequacy not only intellectually and scholarly, but also professionally.  In the elections, the somewhat conservative party Alternative für Deutschland or AfD, which has risen to fill the void left on the … Continue reading S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News