Andrew Torba: Grifters

Idag tänkte jag att vi kunde hänga upp vår diskussion på följande bidrag från Andrew Torba angående det deprimerande och förfärliga faktum att det Republikanska partiet nu avser att lancera en man som låtsas vara kvinna och vars enda kvalifikation är att vara berömd för att vara berömd som kandidat till posten som guvernör i … Continue reading Andrew Torba: Grifters

The “Covid Lockdown” as a Reflexion of Mentality

What is it that so disturbs me with the ongoing “Covid Lockdown” here in Vienna? Many seem not to care much. They carry on with their lives, arguably rounding just one more obstacle beyond their comprehension while going about their private business. One quarter of the working population in Great Britain, so we are told, … Continue reading The “Covid Lockdown” as a Reflexion of Mentality

S.O.D. #11: Fortschritt durch Industrialisierung

At some point in time, someone decided to industrially improve on this very expensive and artisanal burial monument in the best location among the cenotaphs on Vienna’s Central Cemetery by haphazardly placing cheap concrete slabs directly into the soil. Are we putting the power of industrialization to it best use? Irgendwann, irgendwer hat die Entscheidung … Continue reading S.O.D. #11: Fortschritt durch Industrialisierung

Ovum Phoenicis

As the wildfire of global communism spreads around the globe and has already engulfed not only the European so-called Union, which happened long ago, but also, with the installation of a Manchurian Candidate, the United States of America, many of us who still value life, truth, honesty and achievement wonder if, how and when a better regime can … Continue reading Ovum Phoenicis

Last Words

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!” president Donald J. Trump 6 January 2021


The United Nations, which I guess started out as an organization to help co-operation between sovereign nations, is now quite openly a Communist Agitprop institution. 2020: United Nations Communist Propaganda at Franz Josef Strauß International Airport , Munich

Book Store Irony

A few ironies on display in Texan book stores: 1. Book People, downtown Austin. In 2019, Communism rages so hard in intellectual circles that arch-Liberal Alan Dershowitz is sorted under Conservative Politics. 2. Half Price Books flagship store, Dallas Liberal self-reverence goes self-reference. Two books by Al Franken aptly illustrate Liberal hypocracy. The “Giant of … Continue reading Book Store Irony