The “Covid Lockdown” as a Reflexion of Mentality

What is it that so disturbs me with the ongoing “Covid Lockdown” here in Vienna? Many seem not to care much. They carry on with their lives, arguably rounding just one more obstacle beyond their comprehension while going about their private business. One quarter of the working population in Great Britain, so we are told, wishes to continue working from home even when this nonsense has passed. At least we agree that it is nonsense and that it will pass. There was no report from the United Kingdom, however, that people would wish to continue suffering also under the mustard-grabbing police inspecting their groceries or for that matter the drone police ridiculously attemting to keep the great wide open free from virus infections. We have had little such blatant tyranny in Austria. But still I suffer.

The lumber yards, the building materials retailers, the garden centers are all closed. That definitely disturbs me. Spring is coming and the garden needs attention. Visiting the local mall I noticed something else which was disturbing to me, but which has gotten no public notice. The clothes shops are closed. The photographer’s and the hairdresser’s are closed. Grocery stores are open, and the larger ones now sell non-food articles which would — apparently — cause serious infection if sold in a specialty store. There is definitely something wholesome about a grocery store, I always thought, and it seems I was scientifically correct. This is what I have learned to expect from a “Lockdown”. But what else has gotten an express permit? The candy store. The fruit peddler. And the service points of the mobile phone service providers! In what way are these shops essential, in what way are they wholesome or protected from becoming a serious and very dangerous virus hotspot? I don’t know. I only know that these are shops I hardly, if ever, visit. Is there a pattern here? I think there is.

While it was from the very beginning trivially obvious that no scientific approach to counter-epidemical measures was ever intended to be taken, it is still possible that another target was on the crosshairs of the designers of this oppressive regime called a “Lockdown”. All the businesses which are shut down are businesses for industrious, creative, productive people. The same goes for the ridiculous requirements for “Social Distancing” which keep most people in the “home office”. They target production, creation and hard work. In this light we must also view the zeal with which small, private businesses have been targeted by these and other political measures lately, whereas large, public businesses have been called in to collect the spoils. The businesses which are left open and the habits left alone are the ones typical for or targeting lazy and destructive lifestyles. This is the mentality which our overlords desperately want to instill in us: helplessness, dependency, bad health, destructiveness, even criminality.

The “Covid Lockdown” perfectly reflects the totalitarian, anarcho-tyrannical mentality of its creators. The better you are aligned with this mentality, the lighter is the burden; and oppositely the burden works to align your mentality with that of the overlords. It is a very effective kind of brainwashing. And it utilizes social-dynamic mechanisms to reinforce itself in a vicious circle where despondency fosters dependency and vice versa.

When we consider reflexions in social matters, we can view the members of a human crowd as similar to the emitters of a laser device. The pervasive reflexions passing back and forth through the crowd stimulates its members, through the mechanisms of confirmation bias and social reaffirmation, to emit coherent reflexions amplifying themselves and each other into just one purpose and in just one direction, which can be pin-pointed by a skilful Puppet Master controlling the device. The art of feeding the human laser in just the right way and directing it to create the worst possible damage has been optimized by generations of socialist agitators. Today’s agitators are more evil than ever, more evil than Stalin, Hitler and perhaps even Mao. But like these, their mentors and predecessors, they haven’t found a concomitant source of energy. There is none to be found. The driving force, the resources, the money still comes from industrious, creative, productive Christian white heterosexual men anxious to cater for their own families. Destruction is driven by the exact target for destruction.

It is time we realize that we wield the power and that they are dependent on us. We are letting ourselves be played for fools. We must reject confirmation bias and social reaffirmation. It is time for us to shut the human laser permanently off.

3 thoughts on “The “Covid Lockdown” as a Reflexion of Mentality

  1. Fredrik, du förtjänar att få ta del av Mark Crispin Miller. Du kommer, precis som jag, att hänga kvar vid varje stavelse av den här intervjun.

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    • Ja, vad skall man säga? Han undervisar i två årtionden utan att någonsin verkligen angripa eller peka på bevisen för omöjligheten i vänsternarrativet, men menar sig ändå vara neutral och balanserad och se saker från båda sidorna och inte taga ställning, så han angrips aldrig av vänsterns stormtrupper. Han skulle se ett sådant angrepp som ett bevis för att han har misslyckats med att vara objektiv, balanserad, neutral, rationell och välmenande. Men så den dag kommer en fråga där han står direkt på sanningens sida, där han oförhappandes hamnar på motsatt sida till vänsterextremismen! Plötsligt får han erfara detsamma som kristna professorer fick erfara redan på sextiotalet! Bang! Det är ju onicksvist! Nu, alltså! När det drabbar mig! Detta är ju bara baksidan av “it’s OK when we do it”. Jag orkade inte titta igenom hela, men det skulle förvånar mig om James Corbett sväljer detta feta bete utan kväljningar?


  2. Vänstern saknar en blixt som kan pumpa lasern (eller i mitt fall var termiska neutroner), vi pumpar den åt vänstern. Vi saknar mekanismen för stimulerad emission, vi saknar speglarna, och dessa var väl religionen, vi verkar inte ha någon annan självförstärkande mekanism, vi finner enskilda likasinnade atomer som sätter känslorna i svängning innan vänstern förstörelse drabbar varje atom, och då är det försent.

    Jag har aldrig i mitt liv kommit i gemensam svängning under en predikan eller ett tal av någon, aldrig fått känslorna att svalla på detta vis.

    Vi är bara tanke, de är bara känsla.

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