Ovum Phoenicis

As the wildfire of global communism spreads around the globe and has already engulfed not only the European so-called Union, which happened long ago, but also, with the installation of a Manchurian Candidate, the United States of America, many of us who still value life, truth, honesty and achievement wonder if, how and when a better regime can be created that we may survive. Beyond all recourse, the Old World burns to the ground. But we have already set our minds on a New One, which we are sure will eventually emerge out of the ashes.

Do we have to wait for the cinders to cool? As the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party step up their pace and accelerate their cancelation and deplatforming of honest humans, they are perhaps in their hubris helping to sow the seed of their successor. We have heard the story of Gab, how a creator of a free social network through the concerted efforts of the global left has been made to buy his own servers, become his own internet provider and create his own video streaming service, news agency and web browser. We have heard of preppers and local communities making themselves self-sufficient and independent of those high and lofty parts of our society which were lost to leftism and no longer serve them. In Europe, it has for some time been a common thing for conservatives to be denied banking and other necessary services, but as even president Donald J. Trump himself recently came under attack not only through the silly and unconstitutional workings in Congress, but also by being for political-non-business reasons denied the right to use a bank, the revelation naturally presents itself to conservatives that we will soon have to found our own banks and insurance companies. Apparently, we’ll need a stock exchange as well, even that is tainted and corrupt.

So, what’s all this taken together: financial services, internet and cell phone providers, local farmer’s markets, power companies, social networks, schools and universities, entertainment, perhaps a militia? It’s a society. An honest society. And it is already growing inside the dying corrupt society. It is an egg in a burning nest. — What makes us think that such a development is feasible or even possible? Well, who created the previous society? Conservative Christian men did. Communists did not. Indeed, who is even paying for the current socialist excesses? Conservative Christian men do with our taxes.

We should stop waiting for the breakdown and the time afterwards. Instead, we should bring it on by stopping all our support for the crumbling edifice. For we catch the bricks and put them in new mortar as they fall. We must by any means we can reduce the amount of tax we pay. Deus vult.

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6 thoughts on “Ovum Phoenicis

  1. Reblogged this on Svenska krusbär and commented:

    Arv och miljö
    En värld utan traditioner liknar inget…Åter igen finner jag en text som denna av största vikt (precis som Parisdeklarationen) då vi behöver tänka oss hur en kommande värld kan gestaltas. Jag är så innerligt trött på det vi ser omkring oss idag. Postmodernism, identitetspolitik, feminism, klimatfascism, islamism, ja det går att lista mycket mer, men stannar här tills vidare. Vi måste tänka i nya banor för att skapa en sund och mänsklig värld för kommande generationer. Detta är en bra början…

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  2. Lovely, du måste bara publicera den. Känner mig nu lite delaktig eftersom jag har bidragit med ett litet guldkorn, ägget var väl för övrigt av guld eller förvarades i ett vackert kärl.
    Förmodligen tyckte du att mitt förslag igår var utomordentligt fånigt men det finns ju bättre objekt.


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