The Arriviste

The Economist, an English infotainment magazine, as incredible as it now may seem, once upon a time was a serious publication with a limited but distingished audience. It contained insightful articles about economy and related subjects. After having sunk precipitously for quite some time, it has now arrived where it apparently wants to belong.

Among the other scandal rags in a grocery store in the working-class neighbourhood of Simmering in the outskirts of Vienna.

By the way, here’s an article which was never ever published in The Economist.

2 thoughts on “The Arriviste

  1. Läste ett tag The Economist men blev irriterad över de ensidiga vinklingarna. Kommer ihåg att man ville ha synpunkter från läsarna på tidningen. Min recension var mycket negativ. Ytlig och ”opinionated” var min slutbedömning.


  2. If correctly identified by me in the photograph, the journal is stuck in the holder between Der Spiegel and a publication about babys. I am surprised by the competence of the grocery shop’s personnel in correctly identifying and placing journal among publications of different kind.

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