Been There, Done That

“His fight […] saw mobs break up his meetings with stink bombs and his banners ripped down. He finally could not rent a hall. His friends deserted him. Police raided his office and his home. The […] censor banned some of his writings. He was flooded with hate mail. The government finally jailed him […].”

Who was submitted to this despicable and barbaric treatment? Was it Tommy Robinson, the heroic fighter against organised Government-sactioned paedophile mass rape and pro-islamic bigotry in Britain? Or was it perhaps Martin Sellner, the soft-spoken leader of the Austrian identitarian movement, fighting for the survival of the Western civilization? Was it one of all the other persons in our time, who are questioning the rapid descent into socialism, islam, genocide and criminal rule orchestrated by the leaders of the Western world, and who are therefore harrassed, de-platformed, de-personed in attempts to bully them into submission? No. This is a quote from Chris Hedges book War is a force that gives us meaning, which describes how another great dissident was treated by Government, mindless mobs and the Deep State just over one hundred years ago.

Edmund Dene Morel was given this treatment because he attempted to reveal the real underpinnings of the English participation in the First World War. That time, 8.5 million had to die before the facts and culpability could be admitted. Ultimately the First World War led to the Second World War, which led to the Cold War, which led to Political Correctness and Postmodern socialism taking over the commanding heights of Western Civilization in an overt attempt to overthrow and destroy it from within. The struggle is the same. The methods are the same. It is time we stood up and fought back!

One thought on “Been There, Done That

  1. The first world war was basically a war instigated by Cecil Rhodes in his ambition to dominate the world and his fear of German efficiency.


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