Evan Sayet’s Four Laws of Modern Liberalism

Taken from The Kindergarden of Eden. See Evan Sayet’s speech here.

Läs denna text på svenska här.

1. Indiscriminateness—the total rejection of the intellectual process—is an absolute moral imperative.

2. Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policies. It leads to siding only and always with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, and the evil over the good.

3. Modern Liberal policies occur in tandem. Each effort on behalf of the lesser is met with an equal and opposite campaign against the better.

4. The Modern Liberal will ascribe to the better the negative qualities associated with the lesser while concurrently ascribing to the lesser the positive qualities found in the better.

The Corollaries

1. The Modern Liberal may have personal standards but he must deny them and militate against their use and those who use them in the public arena.

2. The Modern Liberal does not and cannot seek to better himself or society. Instead he must lower others and society to his level.

3. The Modern Liberal has secondary policies that are meant only to somewhat mitigate the greater suffering that his primary policies created or exacerbated.

(Evan Sayet is himself not a Modern Liberal.)

See Also

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