S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News

In a childish and ill-informed statement on the eve of the German general elections, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s minister for foreign affairs, displays his total inadequacy not only intellectually and scholarly, but also professionally.  In the elections, the somewhat conservative party Alternative für Deutschland or AfD, which has risen to fill the void left on the law-and-order side in politics by Chancellor Merkel moving her CDU ever further towards repressive socialism, received 13% of the votes. Commenting the result of the elections, Mr. Asselborn told the Tageblatt Letzebuerg:

“Again, we now have neo-nazis in the Bundestag. That 70 years after the war ended. In the Reichstag in Berlin, once more will ideas of the extreme right be preached.”

I will point out only the most obvious and alarming errors Mr. Asselborn manages to commit in these few words:

  1. National socialism has very little in common with the political right and much more, as the name correctly says, with socialism and the political left, Asselborn’s own political home
  2. The national socialists in the German Reichstag in 1945 were no neo-nazis, but rather of the original kind, obviously
  3. Alternative für Deutschland is not a national socialist party, be it neo or paleo. Indeed, Mr. Asselborn’s own party, the (Luxembourg) Socialist Workers’ Party, has much more in common ideologically with the historical National Socialist German Workers’ Party than does Alternative für Deutschland with its democratic call for the re-institution of free speech and the rule of law in Germany.
  4. A somewhat covertly communist party, The Left, reached almost the same popularity as did AfD, and it has been reaching this level for many years, without Mr. Asselborn reacting in a similary unseemly and erratic manner
  5. Calling the Bundestag in Berlin “Reichstag” is a base insult to that institution, the carrier of German democracy, to all parties to that institution and to the German Federal Republic as well as to the whole German people. It is not a mature sign of European brotherhood at a level which must be expected in a political union

For a foreign minister and presumably a member of Cabinet, it is somewhat unusual and unexpected to polemically misrepresent the political system of a neighbour country, question its democratic purity on the ground that more than one alternative were presented to the country in the general elections and use rank racist insults while doing so. Especially if this neighbour country is a member of the same ever-closer political union.

Luxembourg has once again proven that it has some of the stupidest, most tasteless and most inapt policitians in all of Europe. That is quite an achievement!


4 thoughts on “S.O.D. #8: Jean Asselborn: Neoteny No News

  1. Namnet är felstavat. Rätt namn är Arsleborn.

    2017-09-24 23:18 skrev The Way of Reason:

    > Fredrik Östman posted: “In a childish and ill-informed statement on the eve of the German general election, Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s minister for foreign affairs, displays his total inadequacy not only intellectually and scholarly, but also professionally. In the elections,” > >


  2. @ gmiksche & Fredrik Ö,

    Jag såg att ni också har haft problem med censuren på DGS. Det är verkligen extremt märkligt hur de modererar på den sajten. Vad som går igenom eller inte förefaller nästan slumpmässigt. Ärligt talat begriper jag inte alls vad de håller på med. Har ni någon rimlig förklaring?


    • Jag föreställer mig att Patrik inte har tid att själv sålla igenom hundratals kommentarer om dagen, så har har anställt någon käck ung figur som skall göra det åt honom. Men ingen i den generationen har någon “känsla för feeling”, bildning, förmåga att se under ytan och bortom plattityderna. Patrik har ursäktat sig till mig och återställt kommentarer, men då har det förstås redan varit för sent.


    • Tack för svar, Fredrik.

      Det låter som en möjlig förklaring och kanske stämmer den. Men lite tragiskt är det likväl…..


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