S.O.D. #5: Vegan Banknotes

Stupidity reached a new high as some vegan extremists protested against the plastic new English five-pound banknote, which contains minute amounts of tallow:

“The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans & vegetarians in the UK. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use”

This can happen to you if you join irrational mass movements instead of using that precious piece of animal fat located between you ears. Because do you know what?

Why would you want to eat banknotes in the first place? Normally, being vegan is understood as not eating animal produce. Many arguments used for promoting veganism are based on an understanding of human digestion. Vegans who just don’t eat meat are taken hostage and abused as human shields by calls for pure legal tender under the banner of veganism. Vegan extremism, a fringe within a fringe, is attempting to look larger than it is. Millions indeed.

The English Government uses and kills animals every day. Government acts are carried and bound in leather casings. That the Government also uses tallow in its banknotes makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

The streets we drive on and most of the houses we live in were built literally on the backs of horses and other animals.  A vegan extremist who has a problem using a five-pound note containing tallow should have a far larger problem just walking down the street and entering a building.

Most people aren’t vegan extremists, and there’s no way for vegan extremists to completely avoid touching these tallowy people, to interact with them, to pay them with a five-pound banknote, smile and say thanks. A person who has a problem with a plastic banknote but can still interact in a non-autistic way with another  person who just swallowed half a pound of prime meat and who carries his fivers in a leather wallet is just plain silly.

The modern proposition of vegan extremism is based heavily on the use of petroleum-based replacements for animal produce. Perhaps more plastic items than just banknotes contain tallow or other animal produce. This could be a very disturbing proposition to many vegan extremists. It could very well even cause cognitive dissonance producing in turn the hallucinations described in the above petition.

Civilized society is based on compromises and agreements which are never perfect, but in the best case aim at causing the least actual harm to most people. Not animals. There are no absolutes in non-fascist societies, and of course they also fail miserably in the attempt to establish some.

In a free and open society, it is unacceptable to allow small fringe groups to veto public policy based on their personal superstitions.

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